• whoami

    I’m Lucas Tan, a Singaporean JC2 student at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACSI) and chairman of ACSI Coding Competition Team (CCT) from 2022 to 2024.

    I love playing and winning CTFs, having achieved top positions in both local and international CTFs, like Lag and Crash, Cyberthon, Codegate Junior and others. Always excited to play more :D

    Besides playing, I’ve also organized and hosted 3 iterations of HACK@AC from 2021 to 2024, and set many challenges for other CTFs, including HackTM 2023, Cyberleague 2022 Quarterfinals, and other smaller local CTFs like BlahajCTF, Sieberrsec, Whitehacks and more.


    I main pwn and web with decent experience in both, but always looking to learn more! I’m also learning smart contract, and can do a bit of RE and misc. But I’ll never touch crypto or forens. I’m currently learning kernel pwn and v8 :)

    I’m also a member of https://wrecktheline.com with many amazing and pro teammates to learn from.


CTFs (the more notable ones)

2024 [3]
  • Cyberthon
    3rd place
  • ACSC
    2nd place SG (30th Global/Asia)
  • Lag and Crash 4.0
    1st place
2023 [7]
2022 [6]
2021 [3]