Hi 👋 I’m Lucas Tan, a Singaporean JC2 student at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACSI) and current chairman of ACSI Coding Competition Team (CCT).

I love playing and winning CTFs, having achieved top positions in both local and international CTFs, like Lag and Crash, Cyberthon, Codegate Junior and others. Always excited to play more 😋

Besides playing, I’ve also organized and hosted 3 iterations of HACK@AC from 2021 to 2024, and set many challenges for other CTFs, including HackTM 2023, Cyberleague 2022 Quarterfinals, and other smaller local CTFs like BlahajCTF, Sieberrsec, Whitehacks and more.

Etymology of samuzora: 寒空 in Japanese (is super cringe 🫠)


I main pwn and web with decent experience in both, but always looking to learn more 😃 Also learning smart contract, and can do a bit of RE and misc. but will never touch crypto or forens

I’m also a member of https://wrecktheline.com with so many amazing and super teammates to learn from ❤️

other stuff

When I’m not busy solving challenges, I like to do a bit of web dev. I’m quite familiar with Next.js and Prisma stack. (but my frontend is super ugly)

Also a huge fan of neovim (my dotfiles are here!)

CTF timeline

2024 [3]
  • Cyberthon
    3rd place
  • ACSC
    2nd place SG (30th Global/Asia)
  • Lag and Crash 4.0
    1st place
2023 [7]
2022 [6]
2021 [3]